Used Toyota Compact Sedans, Phoenix, AZ

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Used Toyota Compact Sedans

For anyone who is budget minded and looking for a great value that will continue to last, going with a Toyota compact sedan is the best route to go. While they might not offer the same amount of room as a full size sedan, the definitely make up for the lack of size by offering some of the best gas mileage around. Anyone who needs a dependable car without having to gasp at the pump, should definitely consider a used Toyota compact sedan.

Used Toyota Yaris

Being the smallest sized and lowest priced vehicle sold by Toyota, the Yaris offers a great amount for such a small car. Available only in a four cylinder 1.5 liter engine, it’s safe to say that this little guy won’t be pulling any additional weight other than a few things that will fit in the trunk. When looking for a Yaris though, it’s important to know that there were a few versions of the car that were paired with a five speed manual transmission. Otherwise, anything else would have a six speed automatic transmission. There’s nothing really remarkable about the styling of the Yaris as its simple design is perfect for the practical minded that are really just looking for a good commuter vehicle that has a reputation to last. And being one of the least expensive cars on the market, it makes the Yaris that much more attractive.

Pre-Owned Toyota Matrix

As a five door hatchback, the Matrix is another great commuter vehicle that offers a bit more space than the Yaris. The Matrix also provides a much sportier design than the Yaris, so anyone looking for a compact sedan with some spark will find that the Matrix does the job well. Across the line up throughout the years, the Matrix is equipped with four cylinder, 1.8 liter engine. As far as transmission options are concerned, they have varied over time. While most offer either a four speed automatic or five speed manual transmission, there are a limited number of earlier versions, the XRS trim specifically which offered a six speed manual transmission, which gave the car a significantly sportier options and feel.

Pre-Owned Toyota Corolla and Prius

Though the space between the Corolla and Prius is going to be comparable, the obvious difference is that the iconic Prius hybrid is going to produce substantially better gas mileage. Equipped with a gas/electric four cylinder, 1.5 liter engine, the Prius has always hit unprecedented numbers when concerning fuel economy. In regards to the Corolla, while it may not be able to deliver the same numbers on fuel efficiency, it is none the less still a very efficient vehicle that has a lot to offer. Having been around for nearly twenty years says a lot for the dependable sedan. For engine options, used Corollas can be found with four cylinder engines from 1.6 to 1.8 liter sizes. Transmissions can also be found in five speed manual and four speed automatic. Due to its size and power, the Corolla still performs well as commuter vehicle that is definitely one of the more comfortable rides out there that also have a great resell value too.