Used Nissan Sedan Reviews, Phoenix, AZ

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Used Nissan Mid-Sized Sedans

If reliability is a major requirement for your next used sedan, then Nissan should be definitely a strong consideration. Offering three different vehicles in their main sedan line up, Nissan provides everything from practical to performance driven, appealing to just about anyone looking for a reliable vehicle. Between the various options they have and some great features, it’s also one of the more value oriented vehicles on the market that will also stand up well too.

Used Nissan Sentra

Being around for more than 30 years, it’s quite obvious that this is one vehicle that has been built with lasting integrity in mind and the model’s lifespan is living proof of that. With each vehicle redesign over time, the Sentra has made improvements every generation to keep on track with its desire for perfection. Great for commuting, the Sentra is great on gas. What else is great about this vehicle is it offers plenty of space and makes a very quiet ride for the occupants, allowing it to be one of the more comfortable vehicles available on the used market. Between some of the tech and functionality that drivers will find, overall this vehicle is a great value for anyone who is practical minded and wants something that will get them from point A to B without any concerns.

Pre-Owned Nissan Altima

Next in the mid-sized sedan lineup is the Altima. By far, the Altima delivers a great stylish and sporty look that others in its class seem to lack. While appearance isn’t everything, it still makes things more enjoyable. Besides, no one wants an ugly car, right? Seriously though, the Altima put a lot of effort into the design and in the end have come up with a vehicle that is appealing to many. As far as the performance is concerned, the Altima does a great job at providing sufficient pick up along with smooth handling that many will love. Equipped with a base 2.4 liter, four cylinder engine, it still provides plenty of power yet is able to get descent gas mileage as well.

Pre-Owned Nissan Maxima

Like the Sentra, the Maxima has also stood up to the test of time while it has been manufactured for at least 30 years. Once again, this is just proof of its dependability and its ability to perform well in the market. Though similar in style to the Altima, it’s still a step up and offers a bit more elegance than what the Altima has to offer. Across the board, the Maixma only gets the 3.5 liter V6 engine. Though other engine sizes haven’t been available, this just means that potential buyers can find a car that offers excellent performance without having to rely on purchasing a vehicle that has extra options people may not be interested in. Between functionality, comfort and some excellent performance, a used Nissan Maxima is perfect for anyone who really wants value and some great performance.