Testimonial – “The next thing you know, I was driving down the road in a Lexus.”

“Three years ago I came to the Mr. Ed program with horrible credit. I got a 2011 Toyota Camry that car was one of the best cars I have ever driven. If they sell you a car it has been gone through and inspected and is up to their standards. I paid the car off. My credit score went way up then returned to Earnhardt Lexus this time talk to Mr. Ed department and lo and behold I got qualified for a Lexus. Suk is a very knowledgeable Staff member that went on the test drive with me explained all the buttons and knobs gave me a follow up call a couple days later to make sure I was doing OK with it if I had any questions. Was a very simple process in purchasing this car I bet you only spend a few hours there. Suk went back did his magic with the paperwork and the next thing you know I was driving down the road in a Lexus. After the fall of the economy and losing as much as I did I was wondering if I was ever going to get my credit back in line again so I want to give a special thanks to the Mr.Ed and all their staff members for helping me get back on the road and get my life on track.”