How to Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful

The Holiday season is upon us which means we will all be visiting loved ones several times within the next three months. Having to pack a family of four can be hectic especially having to do it over and over in such a short amount of time. As we all know Holiday travel can be very stressful which is why having everything organized for your trip can help keep the stress to a minimum.


In this post we will go over three very simple steps that you can take to create your very own Holiday Travel Checklist.


Step one:

Know what you’re planning to take. If you need to go shopping for items you need to do this at least one week in advance.  This will ensure that you have everything you need when beginning the packing process and so that you won’t have to miss quality time with family to head to the store. If you need a pet sitter go ahead and get everything lined up for this.


Step two:

Make sure that each individual that will be traveling with you has their very own suitcase. This will allow you to get everyone involved in gathering their items. Not only will that cut stress on you but it will help with timing as if only one person is packing for four people it will take way more time than if all four were packing at the same time.


and finally the last step to ensure that you have a smooth trip with everything that you need is ….


Step three:


Creating a Holiday Travel Checklist .

here is a copy of mine – all you need is a piece of paper and a pen/pencil/crayon to write with .



Our sections are as follows:

Packing – here we have

Bath items (Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, makeup, hair tools, cologne, perfume etc ..)

Clothes (Pajamas, dress outfits, shoes, jackets, socks/undies)

Other (Presents, wrapping paper, tape, extra gift, food items)


Another thing to ensure smooth sailing is to make sure the kiddos have everything they need for the trip especially if you will be driving a great distance. Here is our section for the drive:


The drive (DVD’s , portable DVD player, snacks/drinks, blankets, cd’s/mp3 player, phone chargers, games, baby wipes, trash bags for garbage can, small pillows(in-van already),headphones)


We hope that this helps you this Holiday season!


~Happy Travels

This post was written by Sandra S.

Sandra is the owner/author of Confessions of a stay at home mom a well known mom blog featuring useful tips, recipes, giveaways and so much more.