Ask Ms. Ed Your Credit Questions

Dear Ms Ed:

My credit is a mess! Two years ago, I co-signed on a truck for my boyfriend. Two months later, he had a new pick-up and a new girlfriend! He was late on every payment and I got collection calls nearly every month. I finally told the Bank to repossess it because there was no way I could make his payment and my car payment too. They repossessed the truck last year December.

My car loan is almost paid off and I am ready for a newer car because it has almost 120,000 miles on it. Little things are starting to go wrong with it so I think it is time to trade it in BUT there’s my repo problem! I am really stressed out about my situation. Can the Mr Ed Department help me to get a loan?

Miss Mess in Mesa

Dear MMM:

Not only can the Mr Ed Department get you a loan, we can probably do it using your trade-in only with little or no cash down – and at an interest rate that you will love, with a payment you can afford. Most dealerships send your application through a computer and never have contact with the Bank. In the Mr Ed Department, we still handle our business in a personal way and have strong relationships with the Banks who are making the loan. We call and actually speak to the person making the decisions and explain what happened to cause your credit problem and outline the reasons why you are a good credit risk. This personal relationship with our lenders allows us to help a lot of great people get financing-we really do work for you! So give me a call at 800 217-6733 or login to and do a quick approval. You will have your results in minutes and will know that you are approved before you come in to the dealership…and that will take the stress out of your situation!

PS: We’ll make sure that your trunk is big enough to stuff your ex-boyfriend in it!

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