Ask Ms. Ed: What If My Car Was Repossessed?

Dear Ms. Ed,

I had my last car repossessed because I lost my job. I finally found a reliable new job and now I need some wheels. It’s a night shift job and there are no buses available so I’ve been taking a long walk to work every night. Can you help me?

Signed, Pounding the pavement in Peoria


Dear Pounding the Pavement,

Help is on the way! Call my mr. ed department, toll free at 1800217MRED (6733) or log on to and fill out your application online. It’s fast, free and it’s confidential. We have many lenders that will finance people that have had repossessions. Especially one like yours that was directly due to the economic situation. We’ll get you off of your feet and riding in style in no time! Put away your walking shoes and call Mr. Ed today.

Signed, Ms. Ed.