Saving Time & Money, One Step At A Time

Saving for a new car? Or maybe you just want some extra spending money? Here are some tips from The Simple Dollar- a site all about saving money.

Savings = Better Vehicles, Better Financing

Looking for a new car? Need some extra cash? This is a summary of some of the most effective changes we can make to our daily lives that will help save up that extra cash we need. Every penny you save can go towards your first auto payment.

1. It’s true what they say, you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll buy everything in sight, and most likely just the satisfy-you-right-now foods instead of anything with actual nutritional value. So the first tip is to make a grocery list AND stick to it! Having a plan before you arrive at the store will decrease your grocery bill substantially. That extra $50 can go towards your down payment!

2. Yard sales: Need to make some extra cash? Have a donation pile stacked up in the back of your closet? Want to get rid of clutter around the house? Have a yard sale. On the flip side, try an early morning yard sale outing over a trip to the mall. You will find a lot of cool stuff and save big bucks! You’ll feel so excited about the money you save, maybe enough to fill your gas tank for a month.

3. Look for sales and coupons, (rewards programs, groupons, whatever!). You’ll eventually look at things at full price and have a practical view of how much that item is worth to you. Is it worth a month’s payment of auto insurance?

4. Adopt a Do-It-Yourself mentality. Plant a garden to grow your own vegetables. Look up recipes of your favorite meals to avoid restaurants and gourmet grocery meals with small portions. Pack your lunches before school/work. Invite friends over for a crafts or movie party instead of going out. Whatever it is, there is probably a cheaper way to do it. Take the cash you save and put a little away for that rainy day.

5. Do your research! Whether you’re trying to save money on everyday costs or entertainment, the internet is your friend! Check out websites of your favorite stores for coupons before you even leave the house to find which stores will benefit you the most. Research which brands are worth buying generic and which brand-name. Search the web for free events around your area.

All of these money savings tips can bring you that much closer to purchasing the vehicle of your dreams! And spending less means you’ll have more to put towards accessories to make your car your own. Hope you find these tips helpful. Just taking baby steps in the right direction helps us get started on a positive note.