Testimonial – “Mr. Ed financing got us approved for beautiful reliable vehicle with low mileage!”

I don’t normally go out of my way to write reviews but with the experience I had, I just can’t keep quiet! ABSOLUTELY LOVE this dealership, from the sweet lady at the front desk to the service folks and Mr. Ed financing department EVERYONE is AMAZING. My husband and I had recently fell into hard times financially. We took a chance to try to re-establish and rebuild our credit but no dealership could find a way to work out a deal that fit our needs. After being extremely frustrated we tried a final time at Earnhardt Toyota. Ryan Hacker, the finance manager was confident he could help us when we showed up. Still a little reluctant, we went out to the lot to complete the usual car buying steps, test drive etc. To my surprise the wonderful folks with Mr. Ed financing got us approved for beautiful reliable vehicle with low mileage! The best part was that they diligently worked to make sure that the monthly payment fit our budget. We’re so happy and can’t thank you enough for giving our family a chance. It’s really true! It ain’t no bull! – Carmen M.

Saving Time & Money, One Step At A Time

Saving for a new car? Or maybe you just want some extra spending money? Here are some tips from The Simple Dollar- a site all about saving money.

Savings = Better Vehicles, Better Financing

Looking for a new car? Need some extra cash? This is a summary of some of the most effective changes we can make to our daily lives that will help save up that extra cash we need. Every penny you save can go towards your first auto payment.

1. It’s true what they say, you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You’ll buy everything in sight, and most likely just the satisfy-you-right-now foods instead of anything with actual nutritional value. So the first tip is to make a grocery list AND stick to it! Having a plan before you arrive at the store will decrease your grocery bill substantially. That extra $50 can go towards your down payment!

2. Yard sales: Need to make some extra cash? Have a donation pile stacked up in the back of your closet? Want to get rid of clutter around the house? Have a yard sale. On the flip side, try an early morning yard sale outing over a trip to the mall. You will find a lot of cool stuff and save big bucks! You’ll feel so excited about the money you save, maybe enough to fill your gas tank for a month.

3. Look for sales and coupons, (rewards programs, groupons, whatever!). You’ll eventually look at things at full price and have a practical view of how much that item is worth to you. Is it worth a month’s payment of auto insurance?

4. Adopt a Do-It-Yourself mentality. Plant a garden to grow your own vegetables. Look up recipes of your favorite meals to avoid restaurants and gourmet grocery meals with small portions. Pack your lunches before school/work. Invite friends over for a crafts or movie party instead of going out. Whatever it is, there is probably a cheaper way to do it. Take the cash you save and put a little away for that rainy day.

5. Do your research! Whether you’re trying to save money on everyday costs or entertainment, the internet is your friend! Check out websites of your favorite stores for coupons before you even leave the house to find which stores will benefit you the most. Research which brands are worth buying generic and which brand-name. Search the web for free events around your area.

All of these money savings tips can bring you that much closer to purchasing the vehicle of your dreams! And spending less means you’ll have more to put towards accessories to make your car your own. Hope you find these tips helpful. Just taking baby steps in the right direction helps us get started on a positive note.

Mr. Ed to the Rescue!

JB from Tempe writes “I am writing to express how appreciative and thankful I am for the hard work and excellent service I received from the Mr ED Department at Earnhardt Toyota. I had been shopping around to find the right truck and my experience at other area dealerships was not bad…I would describe it as bland and typical. The major underlining factor that put you in first place was simply how well your entire staff treated me….I’ve made mistakes with my credit in the past but Mauricio and his Manager in Mr Ed went to battle for me…they were very kind during the approval process and kept me informed every step of the way…Thank you Mr Ed Department and thank you Earnhardt Toyota…”

Another Satisfied Customer

Mr. Ed Does It Again! We received a letter from a customer who purchased from us this summer and here’s what she had to say about our customer service and vehicle selection:

“Devin and Ron were absolutely wonderful in helping me and I truly found an incredible car- exactly what I was looking for!…I can refer friends to you should anyone need great service and attention with their purchase.”

Sheri, Phoenix, AZ

Meet Mr. Ed

Welcome to the Mr. Ed Department’s News Page! This is where you will find the answers to all your credit and auto loan questions. Have a question you don’t see here? Feel free to send in your questions and we will be sure to address them in our next post.

But first, for those of you who are new to the car-buying world or just don’t know what Mr. Ed is, let’s start with an introduction. The Mr. Ed Department began in 1992 as a special finance operation created by two brothers, Kevin and Terry Murphy, with the sole mission to help more people qualify for auto loans, even if they don’t have the best credit.

Through their efforts, the Mr. Ed department has grown to become the #1 loan provider for customers with bad credit in the world. Why? Because Mr. Ed employees specialize particularly in subprime credit auto loan cases, with over 200 years of experience combined among our loan experts.

So if you’re looking to purchase or finance a new or used vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. We have friendly staff members available to assist you with any and all questions you may have. You can conveniently fill out an application on our website or call the Mr. Ed Department to speak directly to one of our loan officers. You can also “like” us on Facebook for updates about special deals going on at www.facebook.com/MrEdCarLoan.

From here on out, we will be posting bi-weekly blog entries on common questions about bad credit and the car loan application process. If you have a particular question you’d like to have answered, please email it to shannon.oconnor@earnhardt.com.